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Hometowne Realty has been contracted by several federal agencies to liquidate reacquired real estate. We want to share our knowledge and experience with anyone interested in taking advantage of these investment opportunities.

Our free seminars are presented periodically to introduce prospective investors to the business of real estate investment.

Contrary to the infomercials showing on TV, the Hometowne Realty seminars are an honest, straight-forward, and simple discussion of how to get started and what things to avoid.

Topics discussed include:

- Tax sales
- Estate sales
- Sales on the courthouse steps
- Bank REO properties
- Government foreclosures
- "Flipping"
- Being a landlord (property management)
- Tax benefits

Seminars are presented by Hometowne Realty's broker, John Edgar:

- 40 years experience in real estate, including:
- 20 years as a contract representative of HUD, VA, and USDA
- 20 years as a real estate broker
- 20 years as a real estate appraiser
- 20 years as a real estate property manager
- 40 years as a real estate investor

Seminars are introductory, lasting about two hours. No knowledge or experience is required! Call for information on the next seminar scheduled in your area. All seminars are free with no obligations.

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